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Road conditions around the lake

The county road maintenance people are making good progress removing debris from the main roads around the lake. Unfortunately, a big washout at Line Creek on the north side near Cedar Crest Resort will probably not be repaired for a while. This means that the 300 cabins west of the washout, Lakeview Cottages and Camp Keola can only be reached by way of Big Creek.
Big Creek road will be very busy with garbage and delivery trucks competing with the usual traffic. Take extra care as you travel.

The lake is filling!

The lake has been rising a foot a day for a while, and is now fuller than it has been in the last year. Southern California Edison says that they will keep it full June-August as it always was before the drought. The west end gate is still closed just past the store, but May 1 the county resumes its maintenance role and it shouldn’t be long until the road is open.2016_0430LakeLevel

Anticipated lake levels

As of July 17, 2015 the lake elevation is about 6,921 feet. Full is 6,949. Southern California Edison made a new prediction on July 8 which can be found at The gist of it is that the current level is as high as the lake is expected to get, falling another ten feet as August wears on. Over the last week the lake rose two feet, so there is always some uncertainty.

There is lots of water in the lake! Come and play.

anticipated lake levels

2015 lake levels

Southern California Edison hosted an information meeting March 17, 2015 to offer their best estimates of lake levels this season. One of the Lakeview Cottages owners attended and published photos of the slides with some commentary on their Facebook page. Check it out. SCE plans to post the slides and updates on their web site at

Huntington Lake 2015 estimated storage vs normal.

Huntington Lake 2015 estimated storage vs normal.