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China Peak ski season ends Sunday

From the China Peak web site
Friday, April 4, 2:30 PM … THIS SUNDAY IS THE FINAL DAY OF THE SEASON, SO COME UP AND ENJOY A GREAT FINAL WEEKEND ON THE SLOPES!We’ve received 37-42 inches of new snow in the past 7 days!

How the water year compares to other years

graph of water levels

Southern California Edison graph of water levels in the Sierra.

The slides haven’t been published by Southern California Edison yet, but this is a photo of their helpful chart comparing this water year to others. This year is a bit drier than any on record, and follows dry years, unlike the previous record dry years.

As dry as it ever has been

The west end of Huntington Lake October 3, 2013

This panorama of the lake by Dam 3 shows the lake level as can be expected for the 2014 season. Twice before in it’s hundred year history Huntington Lake has been this dry: 1923-24 and 1976-77. Those years had a higher lake level because they came after normal rain years.

Southern California Edison hosted a meeting for people interested in the level of Huntington Lake on March 27, 2014. The attached photo was taken October 3, 2013, and shows the lake a little bit higher than it is expected to be for the 2014 season, about 47 feet lower than the 2013 peak. This will impact boating on the lake this summer, but gives people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the lake bed. Resorts around the lake will be working to help their guests deal with any difficulties the lake level presents, and will be prepared to point out the many excellent recreational activities available. Think of it as the year of the kayak.